Exploring Dua Lipa’s Luxurious Summer Wardrobe & Versace Collaboration

Exploring Dua Lipa's Luxurious Summer Wardrobe & Versace Collaboration

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  • In the radiant halo of a dazzling summer, Dua Lipa, the euphonious mistress of the chart-topping hit “Don’t Start Now,” has been elegantly flaunting her sartorial splendor, embodying the epitome of luxury fashion. As Thursday unfurled, the revered songstress took a break from social media, imbuing it with her regal charm via a portfolio of her latest, most sophisticated attire from her Versace collaboration, affectionately christened “La Vacanza.”

Our eyes are captured by the hypnotizing allure of a cyan metallic duet – an artfully tailored crop jacket, meticulously marked with well-appointed stitching, conversing with a mini skirt mirroring the same brilliant blue hue. Her stylistic narrative, enhanced by the opulent cornucopia of Versace’s gold adornments, constructs a symphony of resplendent elegance. Disc pendant earrings, glowing with a rainbow of embedded gems, create harmony with complementing bracelets and a luminary chain belt, bedecked with luminous butterflies.



My sojourn into the world of blue chrome commences, with no prescribed termination,” Lipa’s captions playfully hinted. This sartorial masterpiece didn’t just limit its splendor to mere Instagram snapshots; it made a grand cinematic entrance in Lipa’s music video for the leading single of the Barbie film, the effervescent “Dance the Night.”

As the curtain rose on the film’s grand unveiling, behind-the-scenes footage documenting Lipa’s wardrobe journey began to circulate, tickling the fancy of fashion enthusiasts. Among these glittering glimpses, we are graced with two key looks: the aforementioned blue chrome spectacle and an additional ensemble of unparalleled glamor. The latter showcases an ensemble dipped in pink effervescence — a baby-pink halter top, drenched in twinkling embellishments, finds an unlikely but striking partner in a blue sequined miniskirt embroidered with shimmering butterflies. A pair of heeled cowboy boots, blushing in metallic pink, lend the final note of bold charm.

In the climactic buildup to “La Vacanza” stellar showcase in Cannes, the electrifying “Levitating” singer shared insights from her creative journey during a press conference alongside fashion queen Donatella Versace. Their shared vision was articulated with a clear mandate, “Our endeavor was to sculpt the quintessential holiday ensemble — pieces that would weave into the fabric of my summer whilst resonating with the sartorial desires of the wider audience.”

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