Watch Princess Kate’s Impressive ‘Princess Shuffle’ in Resurfaced Viral Video from Denmark Visit

In a wonderful turn of events, a recently resurfaced video clip from Princess Kate’s highly publicized 2022 visit to Denmark has been causing quite a stir on the popular social media platform, TikTok. Originally shared by TikTok user @the.royal.watcher, the clip shows the ever-graceful Princess of Wales posing with none other than Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Crown Princess Mary at the grand and imposing Amalienborg Castle in the picturesque city of Copenhagen.

In the video, viewers can witness a subtle yet strikingly impressive move executed by the royal, as the Queen politely gestures for Kate to stand closer to her for the perfect photo opportunity. Rather than simply taking a few steps to her right, Kate engages in a suave and almost undetectable heel-toe slide, allowing her to glide seamlessly next to the Queen while maintaining eye contact with the ever-present photographers. Fans have since dubbed this understated yet undoubtedly impressive move as the “princess shuffle.”

Commenters on the viral TikTok video have been quick to express their respect and admiration for the graceful royal family. “And in heels! I would definitely get caught on the carpet and wipe out 😂,” exclaimed one impressed user. Another added, “That’s a neat trick! Years of [practice]!” However, some viewers expressed their confusion regarding the shuffle, with one user humorously noting, “This will never not be funny to me 😂 the Queen literally invited her to come in closer. She didn’t need to shuffle in 😭.”

The video clip captures Kate’s photocall with the Queen and Princess Mary, which took place on the final day of her solo tour of Denmark. During her trip, the Duchess of Cambridge continued her research into early childhood development by immersing herself in the country’s approach and investment in the field. Kate held engagements at the Copenhagen Infant Mental Health Project at the University of Copenhagen, the LEGO Foundation’s PlayLab space, and Copenhagen’s Children’s Museum, among others.

A spokesperson for Kensington Palace previously described the royal family visit to Denmark as an opportunity for the Duchess to gain insight into how Denmark has fostered “an enabling culture for early childhood development, specifically how it has promoted infant mental well-being alongside physical health and how it harnesses the power of nature, relationships, and playful learning in the first five years of life.”


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