How to determine the shape of the face?

ELLE Shares Three Proven Ways

There are six types of faces: oval, round, triangular, square, heart-shaped and diamond-shaped (in the form of a diamond). To correctly determine the shape of the face, you need to take a mirror and answer the three questions of our article. Having identified your type, it will be easier for you to choose a new haircut and styling, as well as to apply the right makeup to mask imperfections and emphasize the advantages of your face.

1. Facial features are symmetrical. If the width of the forehead, cheeks and chin is about the same – you can have a square, round or oval face. To determine the shape of the face, proceed to the second step.

2. Forehead. If the forehead is the widest area, and the face visually narrows down to the chin, you most likely have a heart-shaped face, also called an inverted triangle.

3. Cheekbones. If your upper cheekbones are strongly accentuated, your face type can be attributed to the diamond variety.

4. Chin. As a rule, a wide and protruding chin occurs in owners of triangular and square face types.

1. Round. A rounded and well-defined chin can be a sign of a round or oval face.

2. Square. A massive chin is a striking feature of a square face type. In this case, your chin may well be pointed, but the line of the cheekbones will be flatter and less graceful than that of the oval type. Triangular or diamond-shaped faces can also have square chins.

3. Pointy. When the jaw line is sloping and seems to taper to an invisible point, you can safely put yourself in the heart-shaped category.

1. Symmetrical. The length of symmetrical faces tends to be slightly longer in comparison to their width. To determine, draw one horizontal line at eye level from one temple to another, and the second vertically from the hairline to the tip of the chin. If you get a ratio of length and width of 1 to 1.5, you have a symmetrical face, like the owners of an oval, triangular or heart-shaped type.

2. Short. If the ratio of the length and width of your face can be defined as 1:1, you are a happy owner of a round face shape.

3. Long. All types can fall under this category, except for the round one, depending on the individual features of the structure of the face. In addition, for the owners of strongly elongated faces, a special seventh type was even invented – oblong.

Beauty tips for an oval face. It is no coincidence that the oval shape is considered a reference. Almost all haircuts and styling are suitable for owners of a perfectly defined oval, however, the hair collected at the crown with a slight pile at the roots looks especially impressive. As for makeup, the perfect tone, a slight emphasis on the cheekbones with soft pink or peach blush, and a beautifully curved eyebrow line that will emphasize the shape of the eyes.

Beauty tips for a round face. The main commandment for chubby people is voluminous styling and curls that hide the cheeks and a wide line of cheekbones. High buns and ponytails are a danger zone, as are boyish haircuts. Also, thick eyebrows and intense eye makeup will help you. Properly made smoky creates the effect of an inverted triangle on the face – all attention from the chin and cheeks is transferred to the eyes and eyebrows. Contouring is also not your story. If you want to mask your cheeks, use shading to create subtle shadows, thus hiding facial imperfections.

Beauty tips for a triangular face. The ideal haircut for a triangular or, as it is also called, pear-shaped face is an elongated bob with volume at the roots. The main rule is to avoid any volume near the cheekbones and chin. No less impressive will look bangs, laid on one side and, surprisingly, a highly gathered beam that will emphasize beautifully defined cheekbones. In makeup, any experiments with color and technique are acceptable, the only condition is soft shading of blush along the cheekbones.

Beauty tips for a square face. Your task is to disguise the massive jaw, which means that all attention must be switched to the eyes and upper cheekbones. Smoky or classic charcoal smoky, sexy eyeliner and ultra-black mascara, as well as a bright accent on the cheekbones – draw a line from the ear to the corner of the mouth with blush and blend thoroughly. In styling, rely on volume, as well as graduated haircuts. It is important that the shortest tier of the “ladder” starts from the bottom line of the cheekbones, thus masking the widest part of your face.

Beauty tips for a heart-shaped face. Your task is to visually narrow the forehead and widen the chin using straight lines. When choosing a haircut, follow the rule: reduce the volume in the upper part of the face and add it to the bottom. An elongated bean or a graduated caret has a place to be, but the most win-win option is a cascade that can be started from the earlobes. If you are pulling your hair up, leave a few strands loose around your face. Your main makeup weapon is contouring. With the help of dark accents, you can visually reduce the forehead and chin, and with a highlighter you can highlight the back of the nose, cheekbones and a checkmark above the upper lip.

Beauty tips for a face in the shape of a diamond (brilliant). Today, beautifully defined cheekbones and sunken cheeks are at the peak of popularity – just like the representatives of the diamond-shape type. That is why the collected hair will be the perfect compliment to your face shape. Perfectly even tone and as if the skin illuminated from the inside, combined with a gentle blush accent on the apples of the cheeks – exquisite, elegant, sophisticated. In styling, we add volume in the forehead and chin, avoiding any visual increase in the cheekbones. Also, the owners of the diamond-shape are all variations on the theme of bangs: from classic straight to thinned and casually laid on its side.

Beauty tips for an oblong face. In order to make an elongated face harmonious, you need to visually reduce its length and increase its width. In styling under a strict ban, high hairstyles that open the face, parting and elongated strands. Curls and careless beach waves should be your calling card. Your role model is the character of Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City with lush chemistry or elegant curls that will give a round face.

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