Everything you need to know about BBL therapy – a procedure that gives the effect of “photoshop”

When it comes to hardware facial procedures, the priority is speed, efficiency and painlessness. BBL phototherapy successfully combines all of the above requests, and the effect of “here and now” is guaranteed after the first session. And yet, cosmetologists assure that the BBL course is able to tighten the face more abruptly than surgery. Together with Albina Bukhurova, a dermatovenereologist at the Real Clinic, we figure out what the advantage of BBL is and why cosmetologists love it so much.

What are the benefits of BBL?
Let’s start with the fact that BBL works at the gene level, activating young cells responsible for the quality and elasticity of the dermis. This happens due to the action of intense broadband light, with the help of which they achieve a rejuvenating effect in the form of improving the smoothness and texture of the skin: that is, wrinkles disappear, pores narrow, and skin flabbiness decreases. In addition, it is also a complex procedure consisting of several stages, each of which allows you to solve a specific problem: treatment of acne, post-acne, vascular pathology (rosacea, telangiectasia), hyperpigmentation.

The uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that the BBL handpiece has two active lamps that provide a more even, soft and diffused effect of light on the skin. Here I will explain: other lighting systems use one lamp that produces a beam of light, or a luminous flux of a harmful range.

Also, the design of the device provides a sapphire crystal, which, when used directly in the procedure, cools well and helps to avoid burns.

What device to choose so that it really works?
BBL phototherapy should be carried out on the original device “Joule” manufactured by the medical company “Sciton”, which is based on a technology that has no analogues today. It was developed in the USA together with scientists from Harvard University.

Each flash of the BBL device generates many short pulses – a pulse is obtained without peaks of excessively high power. The wavelength is controlled using special replaceable filters, and the size of the treated area is controlled by nozzles. This design makes the procedure efficient and safe.

What types of BBL are there and which one to choose?
BBL phototreatment (classic protocol).

It is aimed at eliminating aesthetic imperfections of the face, neck and décolleté, such as pigmentation, vascular pathology, and inflammatory skin disease.

Phototreatment BBL HERO.

This protocol is three times more powerful and four times faster than conventional BBL. Differs in intensive cooling, allows you to work in dynamics.

The patient receives hundreds more flashes, which allows you to achieve the effect of overlaying filters like in social networks.

Can be used on any part of the face and body. The result is noticeable already 1-2 days after the procedure on the face, and 7-10 days after the manipulations on the body.

Phototherapy Forever Clear.

The protocol is aimed at the treatment of acne, the fight against bacteria that cause acne. Broadband light reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, tightens pores and removes inflammation. BBL launches cellular renewal, resulting in the removal of congestive spots, post-acne, scars are reduced and the skin texture is smoothed.

Photorejuvenation Forever Young.

It combines two methods at once: BBL and SkinTyte infrared thermal lifting – a powerful deep heating that provides the skin with the production of new collagen, its maximum maturation and the life span of these fibers.

The result of the course of procedures is an improvement in the quality of the skin and a pronounced lifting effect, which increases from the first session. It is carried out on the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Thermolift SkinTyte II.

Infrared light warms the skin, stimulating all layers of the dermis. Due to this, the production of collagen and elastin proteins, which form the framework of tissues, increases. Protein compounds become stronger, the production of its own hyaluronic acid is enhanced. The procedure is aimed at lifting, tightening and tightening the skin.

What are the contraindications?
– Hypersensitivity to sunlight (including those associated with the use of photosensitizing agents (tetracyclines, retinoids, some hormonal drugs);

– Acute inflammation, damage to the skin in the treatment areas;

– Oncological diseases;

– Pregnancy and lactation;

– Epilepsy.

Is it possible to do the procedure in the summer?
The procedure can be carried out all year round, but with the mandatory subsequent use of SPF. If you plan to stay in the active sun, then the procedure is carried out two weeks before or after solar insolation.

How to care for the skin after the procedure to maintain the effect?
Phototherapy is usually uneventful and does not require special recovery. Redness and swelling, as a rule, subside in the first 20-40 minutes after the procedure.

Other recommendations include:

– Use of Bepanthen Plus cream within three days after the procedure.

– Exclusion of sunburn (including trips to the solarium).

– Apply sunscreen with an SPF factor to the treated area before going outside.

– Exclusion of saunas and baths during the week.

What result to expect after one session and after completing the course?
The first results of BBL exposure are visible immediately after the procedure. After a week, more than 80% of patients note an improvement in skin quality, a reduction in pigment and vascular formations, as well as a change in skin color and tone.

According to the latest clinical studies, the result of a course of procedures is a noticeable rejuvenation – up to 10 years. This happens by slowing down the aging process, prolonging the youthfulness of the skin. We can say that the patient receives the effect of “photoshop”: a fresh, radiant and rested look without filters.

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