20 quotes about what real female beauty is

Vivid statements that prove that happiness is not in 90-60-90

“Beauty is the wisdom of a woman. Wisdom is the beauty of a man.” Chinese proverb

“There is no harder job than trying to look beautiful from eight in the morning until midnight.” Brigitte Bardot

“Women’s beauty is not in the shape of the face, not in the clothes she wears and not in her hair. Real female beauty is reflected in the soul, it manifests itself in how passionately a woman gives her love. Women’s beauty grows over the years. Audrey Hepburn

“Why do women devote so much time and money to their appearance, and not to the development of intelligence? Because there are far fewer blind men than smart ones.” Faina Ranevskaya

“Only beauty, combined with modesty, has the right to be called beauty. Beauty without modesty is not beauty, but only good looks. Miguel de Cervantes.

“Beauty is like a precious stone: the simpler, the more precious.” Francis Bacon

“A woman is beautiful like a flower. And each flower should be a little loose.” Eva Longoria

“Love of beauty is a taste. Creating beauty is an art.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“How wonderful it would be if we could see souls and not bodies; look at love and compassion, not the curves.” Karen Kwan

“Real beauty is not one that one admires with pleasure, but one that is as difficult to look at as the sun.” Etienne Rey

“In the pursuit of beauty standards, true happiness can be overlooked.” Salma Hayek

“The beauty of the soul spreads like a mysterious light over the beauty of the body.” Victor Hugo

“Looking at a beautiful woman, I can’t help but fall in love with her, I’m crazy about her. It’s like a lightning strike and lasts the same: a moment.” Jules Renard

“Beauty is when you are yourself.” Jean Paul Gaultier

“The most beautiful face in the world is yours.” Estee Lauder

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than believing she is beautiful.” Sophia Loren

“How I feel is much more important than how I look. Confidence that you are comfortable in your own body is what really makes you beautiful.” Bobby Brown

“The true beauty of a woman is in health, in the ability to be energetic.” Jane Fonda

“The beauty of a man lies in the richness of his differences.” Lara Fabian

“Beauty is a kind of radiance. People who have true inner beauty, their eyes are brighter, their skin is more hydrated. They vibrate at a different frequency.” Cameron Diaz

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